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About The Company



Founded in December 2012, this store was created when we recognised the demand for designer furniture built to last. Staggered by the cost of high quality items on the high street, we set about building a company that met those demands, while saving our customers money.

We don't just stock something we think will sell. Every item we choose, is hand-picked and checked to ensure it meets our high expectations.

We work with talented designers at the cutting edge of their field and manufacturers who understand our passion for the best materials. Each product is tested for quality, longevity and aesthetics and we're not afraid to turn down items that aren't up to scratch.

Only once a product has passed those conditions, do we move on to our final decision. To pass this hurdle we ask one simple question:

"Do we like it?"

Because regardless of all of the above, we want our furniture and accessories to be liked, loved and cherished.


What You Can Expect

The same dedication and care that we devote to our products, we also have for our customers. We want you to love them just as much as we do, so we are constantly developing new ways to ensure you have the best possible experience when shopping with us.


Ranges To Suit Everyone.

We appreciate everyone is different and something which you love, may not be another's item of choice. That is why our ranges are large and varied, to ensure that we cater to your individual preferences.


Affordable Prices

Because the majority of our products come direct from the manufacturers, we cut out the middleman and provide you with much lower prices than you would expect to achieve on the High Street. We don?t have expensive, physical stores or warehouses, we're simply a passionate company with a vision.


Great Customer Service

It's crucial to us that you're taken care of in a polite and friendly manner. During opening hours, you can call our customer service team to make an order, chase up an existing order, or to simply enquire about one of our ranges. You are guaranteed to have your call answered quickly and your queries solved swiftly.


You Won't Be Disappointed

Overall, our motto is to help you furnish your living space with high quality, designer furniture and accessories, which exude style and sophistication - providing you with a home that you love and a price tag that looks even better.