Café style coffee at home…

Put simply, really great coffee depends heavily on having the right equipment. This is why so many connoisseurs generally prefer to go to a cafe where the expensive shiny professional machines await!

However, with very little effort you can actually enjoy making the coffee as much as you enjoy drinking it…and have a stylish looking kitchen too!

Our recommendations for making great coffee…

Buy Fresh Beans

Without question, coffee is best when used within a few days of being roasted. Buying from a local roaster is absolutely the best way to get the freshest beans. We aren’t all lucky enough to have one, so you may have to buy elsewhere, but avoid coffee that’s been exposed to oxygen or bright light as that’s the main way for it to quickly lose its flavour. Coffee beans packaged by quality roasters and sold in vacuum-sealed bags are the best bet.

Seal Them and Store Them

Grinder Love Red

Ascaso L1 Aluminium Grinder

Always store opened coffee beans in an airtight container and keep at room temperature. Never put coffee in the fridge as it absorbs moisture and food odours. Try to buy just a week’s supply of fresh beans at a time.

Choose Good Coffee

Rule number one – aficionados insist on 100% pure Arabica beans. After that’s established, an amazing world of coffee tastes awaits!

Grind Your Own

accademia_acciaio_ 006

Accademia Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Coffee starts losing quality almost immediately upon grinding. The best-tasting brews are made from beans ground just before brewing. Coffee is best ground whilst ‘rocking’ the grinder to help get a fine, even particle size. You’ll find that finer ground coffee yields more flavour.

The Ascaso L1 is a powerful coffee grinder that’s small enough to sit neatly on the worktop. Holding up to 600g of beans, the 700rpm blade ensures that you extract every last bit of flavour from the bean, for the perfect cup of coffee.

Toughened against breakage and available in the highly polished Aluminium finish shown here, or Sweet Cream, Anthracite, Dark Brown, Love Red, Cloud White or Mandarin Orange. These grinders make a fabulous retro addition to any kitchen.

Beware of the Heat

Vintage Espresso Machine Olive Green

Delonghi Vintage Espresso Machine

If water is too hot when poured on to coffee then a very bitter taste will be the result. The correct temperature is 90C (in other words about 45 seconds before a kettle reaches boiling). If using a cafetiere then leave the kettle to sit for a minute after it’s boiled before pouring the water on the coffee.

Alternatively a kettle that you can set to heat to a specific temperature is a dream come true! Bosch Styline benefits from an array of features including digital temperature settings and a keep warm function. Eco-friendly coffee lovers can boil as little as one cup of water and save energy too.

If you use a coffee machine then this regulates the water temperature automatically…

Mean Machines

Bugatti Diva Coffee Espresso Machine

Bugatti Diva Coffee Espresso Machine

The Ascaso Steel Trio Versatile Group Coffee Machine offers the committed among us a very professional approach to creating the perfect cup of coffee. With two groups for coffee and one group for steam, you can really show off your skills!

Constructed from durable stainless steel, the machine has a robust and remarkable appearance. Ascaso’s Professional Boiler with a 225cc capacity is capable of operating under very demanding conditions, with three separate thermostats to control the temperature of the coffee and steam, and one to protect it from overheating.


Dream Versatile Coffee Machine Yellow

Ascaso Dream Versatile Coffee Machine

For the luxuriously lazy approach, the Accademia Automatic Coffee Machine is the next best thing to having a barista of your own at home! The very best in automatic coffee machines the Gaggia Accademia affords you the ability to produce any espresso based drink at the touch of a button. Perfect and quick results are guaranteed by two separate boilers, one for coffee and one for steam and water, while the auto cappuccino carafe ensures milky coffees are hassle free to make. It’s amazing!

The Ascaso Dream Versatile Coffee Machine has an unmistakably classic retro look and a vast array of colour finishes to choose from. Featuring a large diameter filter holder with a 16 bar pump, it also offers flexibility; both coffee pods and regular ground coffee can be used.

For solid reliability, this Dream Versatile machine regularly wins over the hearts of discerning espresso enthusiasts –it’s straightforward and easy to keep clean too!

Discover our great selection of kitchen appliances, including coffee machines, kettles and grinders at





Transform your space in to a cosy Autumnal haven

The time is almost upon us when we will all be spending more time indoors seeking warmth and comfort. Time to invest in natural hides and woven rugs. What better way to transform any room – no matter how minimalist – in to a cosy haven?


Pronunciation: /ˈkəʊzi

07001182200 - Copy

Large Economy Quality Reindeer Hides

Dictionary definition: Giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation

Allow the warm colours and textures of the autumnto inspire you and embrace the transition from one season to another. Take the opportunity to look at your room’s ambience and consider how just a few changes could help to ‘lift’ your frame of mind during the colder months to come…


Our superior quality Sheepskins have their luxurious feel because they are from one of the purest breeds of Icelandic Sheep. These rugs have the delightful long haired (shaggy) soft texture that Icelandic Sheep are famous for. The skins have a wonderful natural sheen to them, and the different styles available are created by carefully sewing together several hides.Take off your shoes and sink your feet ankle deep in their fluffiness! Perfect for cuddling up on (you just can’t stop touching them), or for lounging across in front of an open fire with a good book.


For the ultimate in Scandinavian style our Reindeer Hides make stunning ornamental pieces inside the home on walls, floors, or as furniture decorations draped over sofas and armchairs. Each is unique with stunning markings and luxuriously soft fur –not only stylish, but ideal for heat efficiency. Even today, the Sámi people of Sweden, Norway and Finland use reindeer for meat, milk and raw materials, ensuring that our Reindeer Hides are an Eco-Friendly and sustainable product.


Lilli Floral Rug


Simply considering a room’s colour palette will change it in to a more soothing interior space, with the emphasis on making the most of natural light. Firstly, re-arranging the furniture you have helps to highlight where improvements can be made.


For spaces where the sun shines lots of light in, make them mini temples of quiet contemplation by laying the Pohla Vine Rug with its charming Oriental feel. The pattern of trailing vines and foliage looks uncannily like a bamboo mat. Serenity reigns, and the welcoming warmth and comfort of the 80% cotton mix ensures a luxurious touch against bare skin.


Laane Leaf Rug


In autumn and winter a fireplace makes the obvious focal point of a room, but if you don’t have one then using big, luscious florals and rich colours like those of the Lilli Floral Rug will create a contemporary centrepiece that radiates warmth, and exudes elegance.


In contrast the Laane Leaf Rug is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors inside, with its bold, organic style. With a fresh, welcoming pattern of succulent leaves to cushion your feet and make the transition from summer to winter seem easier.


Ergonomic Office chairs from European maker Tronhill exclusive to Billington Brown

You spend one third of your day in the office – sometimes, even more than your sleeping hours. We choose our beds and pillows with special care, making sure that we get full physical comfort and rest. So why settle for less when it comes to office furniture? Our wide range of ergonomic chairs, designed by European brand Tronhill, are specially curated with the busy urbane worker in mind. Sit back, relax and look good at the same time – Tronhill’s dedication towards combining upscale technology, quality and original design truly shines through in this collection of swanky but value-for-money office chairs.

Billington Brown is happy to announce that we are the exclusive retailer of Tronhill ergonomic chairs. Established in 2009, Tronhill has built up a reputable name as a company that is committed towards sustainability and innovation. It is known for the wide range of customization options on its furniture, the sleek colours and design that make any dull office pop with vibrancy, and its dedication towards creating sustainable office products with a low environment impact even as its use of technology advances. By using new materials with a longer service life and low energy consumption, as well as careful selection of natural resources when working with partners and suppliers, and factoring in sustainable options when considering packaging and transport, Tronhill is able to keep both the consumer and the environment happy, comfortable and satisfied – there is no trade off when it comes to buying Tronhill products! In a testament to their success,they have been to numerous furniture exhibitions around the globe, most recently the Stockholm Furniture Fair, in Sweden, the capital of design itself. As they continue to make their mark internationally, why not join in and bring home a quality Tronhill product for your home or office?


Infra 66061 (1)The Infra Office Chair comes in modern shades of blue, beige and black, and offers highly customizable and practical design solutions for an efficient and comfortable office environment. The Infra Office Chair comes with a gently padded seat and arched back rest that offers full comfort and support while allowing you to maintain a healthy posture at the same time.

We believe that every chair should be made to suit each and every individual – after all, the office is a flow of ideas between multiple personalities with their own quirks and mannerisms, and the environment that we work in and work with should be similarly flexible. This is why the Infra Office Chair comes with five operating positions and anti-shock synchro-mechanism, and allows you to have control over the backrest tilt angle, stiffness, and height. The durable castor wheels that support the chair are suitable for hard or soft floor surfaces, thus ensuring the quality and maintenance of office flooring instead of causing damaging friction that may lead to greater inconvenience in the long run.

For a more advanced experience, consider the Cari Office Chair with 1D Armrests or the Cari Office Chair with 3D Armrests and Headrest.

Cari 60999 (2) - Copy  Cari Adjustable headrest

Carefully considered design has contributed to its clean, cohesive lines that offer full support for your body frame, allowing you to have a much better day in the office. Customization options are aplenty in this neat, stylish Executive version : lean back and allow your head to fit snugly against the optimally arched headrest that comes with a range of adjustments while you ponder the next important proposal, or move the armrests to your preferred height depending on whether it is the occasion to relax or sit straight and focus. In addition to the basic customization options that comes with all of Tronhill’s office chairs, the Cari also offers seat sliding controls, allowing you to shift upright or relax at your whim.

Magna manager 68035 (1)If the towering aura of the Cari Chair isn’t your thing, why not go for the coy, saucy Magna Manager Chair that is both stylish and eye-popping at the same time? It comes not only in beige, blue and black, but also in a shade of pandan green that is easy on the eye and at the same time unconsciously pleasing, and embraces the very best of contemporary ergonomic design to offer you both aesthetic and physical satisfaction.

The Magna stands out for its quality upholstering, made from leather or coloured fabric. The unique nylon j-bar that it comes with allows for backrest height adjustment, while the handle at the bottom enables you to choose the degree of lumbar support that you want. Tilt and slide your seat all you want, and choose Magna executive  chairhow much you want the backrest tilt angle or recline stiffness to be. For even greater support and a bigger splash of colour, try the Magna Executive, which comes with an adjustable headrest and allows you to rest fully into its beautiful, sleek lines.

Can’t decide between the short and sweet Magna or the cool and impressive Cari? Why not take the middle ground and look for the Gabri Chair instead, which fuses both of their design elements to give you a hip yet functional look, offering you the full ergonomic experience in the process. The Gabri comes in the understated modern colours of beige, green or navy blue, and is best suited for those who work intensively at the office over a long period of time. After all, if you have already invested so much time and effort in your work, why not invest a little on something that would ease off your burden in significant ways?

IMG_29082014_172545The easy-to-use pneumatic cylinder allows you to move the height of the chair according to preferences. When it comes to sitting correctly in the office, the distances that provide for optimal comfort and posture are very precise : you should be using the entire seat area, sitting upright, with eyes 50 to 80cm away from the screen, and your arms should be at a right angle. Don’t compromise on that magic formula and make full use of the range of luxurious adjustment options that the Gabri offers! You would be able to have full control over the backrest and seat tilt angle, stiffness control, backrest height regulation as well as seat sliding levels.

Don’t compromise on quality and comfort when it comes to office furniture. For the full Tronhill collection, please visit our website. We will be happy to help with any queries that you might have – simply drop us a message!

Indian Hub Furniture: For Exotic High Quality Items

Innovative designer furniture at the most affordable prices has always been the hallmark of our business here at Billington Brown. It is has been a priority to ensure that our loyal customers get the most unique and best products available in the market. With this in mind, it was only natural that we decided to team up with Indian Hub Furniture to give you access to home furniture items that showcase the exquisite traditional craftwork of India. This popular brand has become an instant bestseller because of its unique ideas that integrate Eastern intricacy with Western efficiency.

Indian Hub is a noted manufacturer of various household furniture products that include dining sets, wardrobes, entertainment units, TV cabinets, living room furniture and storage chests. Most of their products are made from Sheesham Wood, which is high quality Indian rosewood. Other woods used include Teak and Acacia. Their exotic and high quality products have ensured that the brand has become a favourite among UK citizens. People have been completely bowled over by the fact that such luxurious items can actually be available at reasonable prices.

We at Billington Brown have gone the extra mile to ensure that our customers have access to the best items of Indian Hub. After all, our patrons are well aware of the fact that every item chosen by us is handpicked to ensure the highest quality. Only the best designs, materials and ideas will pass the scrutiny of our team of talented designers. So we applied this same level of inspection and Indian Hub has impressed us to no small degree. We have selected their favourite ranges and made it available to our customers for the best possible prices. We do believe in offering only the best and this was a very important factor while choosing the products. We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the amazing array of inventory we have chosen for you from Indian Hub. For a strikingly oriental look to your furniture, there can be no better choice. These beautiful furniture items are sure to make your home the envy of all your friends.

Another aspect that will surprise you is the low prices at which we are offering these famous ranges and products. At Billington Brown, we consider it our duty to provide only the best prices for our customers. Our strong belief in selling quality affordable furniture has been what has drawn so many customers to us. Hence, we hope to live up to their expectations in all our ventures, including the new Indian Hub furniture.

BillingtonBrown Press Release: Presentation of Moolin range

Moolins lampBillington Brown, a leading online store for quality designer furniture and home accessories, has become the exclusive UK supplier of Lasfera’s innovative Moolin lamps, designed by Henri Garbers of German design bureau, Lasfera.

Available in a range of sizes and styles, the Moolin range is the epitome of tradition and innovation, giving a timeless look to modern interiors. Placed in even the smallest of spaces, they immediately flood the area with light and elegance, perfect for opening up an otherwise dull space and showcasing a room to its full potential.

Founded in December 2012, Billington Brown is a forward thinking, online furniture store that prides itself on supplying the finest quality designer furniture that has been built to last. Their ethos is centred on working with talented designers at the cutting edge of their field and manufacturers who understand their passion for quality, longevity, and aesthetics.

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Sleek, Functional with a Touch of Glamour: Zilionis BOLERO brand

Mindaugas ZhilionisForm and functionality meld seamlessly together in this impressive line of  BOLERO home furniture designs from up-and-coming European brand Zilionis. Founded by designer Mindaugas Zilionis and artist I. Zilioniene in 2007, who have been heavily influenced by the principles of constructivism and functionalism developed in Scandinavia and the Bauhauz School in Germany, Zilionis is strongly committed to maintaining the development of creative and intellectual thought in the Baltic state of Lithuania.

We are pleased to announce that we at Billington Brown are the exclusive UK retailer of the exquisite Zilionis line. Having made waves at international exhibitions in New York, Latvia, London, Germany and Lithuania, Zilionis’ unique aesthetic is now poised to embark upon the shores of the United Kingdom and transform the traditional spaces of our homes into inspiring environments that are not only distinctive and practical, but also infused with a sleek, minimalist overtones. Forget expensive boutique pieces and head right to our Billington Brown website, where we offer you high-quality furniture at reasonable prices, given along with earnest and efficient service delivered with a ready smile.

The Burgundy Red collection

Think burgundy. Think tradition suffused with bold tinges of freshness. The dark, rich colour has is a namesake of the Burgundy wine region of eastern France, renowned for the dry, leathery aftertaste on your tongue. Our Burgundy Red kitchen pieces from the BOLERO line proudly features this evocative mix of traditionalism and heady modernism – imbued within the clean, striking lines of our statement pieces are classic European design principles that will continue to impress and remain everlasting generation after generation.


The BOLERO line has great storage options and practical origins. Derived from quality birch wood, which possesses moisture-resistant properties and is finished off with a thick oak or high-gloss veneer, this range of pieces also comes with inventive mounts that enable you to efficiently stack pieces together for storage when not in use. At Billington Brown, we believe that small-space living does not have to mean a compromise on design and aesthetics – in fact, working out how to manage furniture in small spaces could lead to a more creative, efficient and purposeful lifestyle that caters to your every need.

A range of dining tables and dining chairs from the BOLERO collection in burgundy red might be exactly what you are looking for to transform your dining space into a functional and individualistic environment. A gathering-place for friends and loved ones to share and connect on a daily basis and during important annual holidays, a dining place with thoughtful storage and utility options would definitely become the hub and hearth of your home in time to come.


Consider the many varieties of the dining tables that we have to offer. Among these is the headlining BOLERO table, which claimed a second place award at the LITEEXPO exhibition centre in 2010 for its innovative design. If you are going for something classic, the Bolero Round Dining Table Gloss Burgundy Red comes finished in a thick burgundy veneer while continue to reveal its sleek birch interiors along the borders. The slot-mount system across all of Zilionis’ dining table designs allows for easy and efficient dismantling and assembling, in addition to creating an unexpected and edgier twist on clean and classic lines. Alternatively, if you are attracted to the dark tones of burgundy but would also like to maintain an airier, light-filled aesthetic within your dining space, you might want to consider the Bolero Square Dining Table Gloss Burgundy Red, which comes in both small and large sizes. The off-white table top is easy on the eye while the slender table legs are lushly lacqured in Zilionis’ signature shade of burgundy red.

Interested in topping off a bedroom or study with a stylish and elegant portable dining piece?  The Bolero Snack Table Gloss Burgundy Red retains the minimalist vibes of its full-sized counterpart but also pops with a nostalgic 70s va-va-voom aura with its square-round surface and spindly legs, while retaining a central base for maximum stability. Feel free to leave it next to your bed while indulging in your favourite film or movie, or easily carry the light object into the living or dining room for quick bites while catching up with friends.


Designing specifically for the living room, we have also got the Bolero Coffee Table Gloss Burgundy Red lined up for you. Like its snack table counterpart it possesses a smoky vintage glamour with a square-round table top while remaining a simple aesthetic and holds up well with its well-made lacquered table legs. It also comes in smaller and larger sizes in order to fit to the demands of the space that you want to fill.


Even the most high-strung person would find himself hard-pressed to say no to the opportunity of relaxing on the inviting range of Zilionis bar stools, sculptured stools and semi-bar stools. These thin, graceful yet stable designs are neither bulky nor cumbersome and are the perfect complement to the Zilionis dining and snack tables. Zilionis’ back-to-basics Bolero Stool Gloss Burgundy Red is a three-legged wonder that combines both sturdy birch wood furnishings with a smooth burgundy lacquer, and is impressively mobile and easy to assemble.


If you are looking for something with a little more detail, why not take a look at the devastatingly sultry Bolero Sculptured Stool Burgundy Red that would definitely be a talking point despite its simple, stylish lines? Table legs get a literal re-invention in this statement piece, which sculpts its propping sticks into alluring ladies’ calves that coyly beckon to you beneath the square stool top in the vein of Moulin Rouge or your favourite French cabaret. For a little more support, you might also want to consider the Bolero Sculptured Stool with Backrest Back. Otherwise, you can take a look at the award-winning Bolero 4-legged Bar Stool Gloss Burgundy Red for a more classic take.


Zilionis’ Burgundy home furniture collection is full of pieces that are great for mixing and matching, and function well either as standalone furniture items or as a complete set. The bold and assured lines remain a distinctive characteristic of the collection even as the various designs offer you flexibility on space usage options and aesthetics. For other colour options in oak, white or black, do check out our website as well.